Southwell Racecourse

Nottinghamshire, England

Southwell Racecourse

Night Racing Comes to Life at Southwell Racecourse With Musco’s LED Technology

“When the decision was taken to install floodlights at Southwell, we were determined to make sure that the technology was top of the range, and we’ve been delighted to work with Musco to deliver this system.”

— Mark Clayton
Executive Director
Southwell Racecourse

Since opening in 1850, Southwell Racecourse has been dedicated to implementing the newest technology. The racecourse has been recognized as the only track in the U.K. with a fibresand surface, as well as being one of just six all-weather tracks in Britain. With its most recent innovation, Southwell wanted to provide a new kind of experience for fans and riders by adding LED lighting for night racing. The historic venue partnered with Musco to usher in this new era of floodlit racing, becoming the first racecourse in Europe to feature LED lighting.

  • Southwell won’t have to pay for any maintenance through the year 2028 thanks to Musco’s long-term warranty, covering every part and all labor, as well as ensuring light levels for the life of the system.
  • Significant energy savings will be realized with the system’s ability to adapt to the length of each race, lighting only the necessary portions of the track, which ranges from five furlongs to two miles.
  • An unforgettable experience is waiting for spectators and riders thanks to the innovative special effects and light show capabilities for pre-race and post-race entertainment.
  • Darkness will be preserved in areas surrounding the track as a result of Musco’s patented glare control and visoring technology designed to redirect wasted spill light back onto the track.
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