Temporary Lighting for a Variety of Structures

Musco’s temporary SportsCluster® system technology delivers high-quality HID and LED lighting for arenas and venues that need a streamlined, versatile temporary solution. The system can be mounted to a wide range of structures including scaffolding, trusses, and building exteriors; is ideal as a complete indoor lighting system; and can be used to supplement existing lighting as well as for specialty indoor lighting.

The system has been used at:
  • Olympic Games
  • Multi-sport events
  • Major outdoor stadiums
  • Construction sites
  • Parking lots
  • Other outdoor areas
This versatile technology can be adapted to work within a wide variety of structural and architectural environments, and features patented optics that virtually eliminate disruptive glare. With Musco’s HID or LED system technology, our temporary lighting offers a budget friendly solution for high-quality lighting without having to install a permanent system.