San Diego International Airport

San Diego, California, USA

San Diego International Airport (Before) Prior HPS Light Source
San Diego International Airport Musco TLC for LED®

TLC for LED® Retrofit Helps San Diego International Airport Create Safer Work Environment and Save Nearly $1 Million Over the Next Decade

Serving more than 25 million travelers in 2019 alone, the San Diego International Airport (SAN) is the busiest single-runway commercial airport in the U.S. When the airport’s ownership group determined it was time to replace the existing HPS apron lights, project leaders observed the performance of various manufacturers’ LED lighting to see which would be best able to create a safer work environment, improve energy efficiency, eliminate maintenance, and deliver significant cost savings over the long term. In the end, leaders at SAN decided that a custom TLC for LED® system from Musco, offered in partnership with ADB Safegate’s suite of airport efficiency solutions, was the best retrofit solution for them.

  • Ground crews enjoy better visibility and a safer environment with increased light levels and custom optics which achieve a more uniform distribution of light.
  • SAN will realize a cost-of-ownership savings of nearly $1 million over 10 years, since energy consumption has been reduced by 76 percent compared to the previous lighting, Musco’s long-term parts and labor warranty will eliminate maintenance costs, and the lighting is part of an overarching sustainability initiative at the airport.
  • Installation of the new lighting was fast and streamlined as a result of the Musco’s complete system design with all parts of the system arriving together, a key benefit over non-system fixtures with individual parts and pieces arriving separately from different manufacturers.
  • Glare won’t impact pilots, air traffic controllers or ground crews, with the system’s patented visoring around the fixtures that minimizes glare coming from the light source.
  • San Diego’s beautiful harbor and hotel district directly south of SAN won’t be affected by spill light as a result of the system’s exceptional light control and cut-off, keeping light only in the areas for which it’s intended.
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