MuscoVision™ Automated Sports Broadcasting

MuscoVision is a complete, trouble-free, all-in-one solution that makes it easy for facilities to broadcast the action on their fields to family and friends watching from across town or around the country.

  • Complete foundation-to-poletop camera system in 5 Easy Pieces™ saving installation time and ensuring compatibility.
  • Custom-designed on-site network included, providing connectivity you can count on and allowing you to schedule broadcasts from anywhere via phone, web, or app.
  • Built-in intelligence detects game play, starts the high-definition video stream, and selects camera shots based on game action for a fluid broadcast.
  • Live and on-demand recorded content accessed via web, app, or Smart TV with flexible subscription options, making games easy and fun to watch.

With MuscoVision automated sports broadcasting, your facility will become more desirable for games and tournaments. You’ll gain the potential of new revenue through subscriptions to watch the action. No on-site staff is necessary to operate the system.

“Working with the Musco Team we felt like this would be a product that matches the quality and the level of expectations our patrons have.”

— Kevin Mitchell
Director of Parks and Recreation
Grapevine, Texas

5 Easy Pieces™