Mini Musco™

Mini Musco offers the same high-quality, precise lighting that we’re known for, in a smaller and more maneuverable package.

Whether it’s a small baseball field, outdoor event, or a movie set with tight locations, Mini Musco provides the kind of mobility and versatility that no other sports lighting solution can match.

Maneuverable and Versatile
With its more compact truck chassis, sound-attenuated generator, multi-directional lighting, and 360-degree rotation and 210-degree tilt capabilities, Mini Musco provides maximum flexibility to meet a wide range of lighting needs.
Powerful and Proven
The system includes a bank of high-output lamps on a fully-articulated 80-foot boom, ensures flicker-free operation at any camera speed and shutter angle, and delivers precise, high-quality lighting. Mini Musco has even earned us a Technical Academy Award for movie lighting.
Convenient and Cost Effective
Mini Musco is completely self-contained. It features a streamlined design, and with an experienced Musco technician at the controls the system delivers convenience, minimized set-up time, and reduced labor costs.