McDonald County High School

Anderson, Missouri, USA

McDonald County High School

McDonald County High School Gains Unparalleled Service and a Long-Term Partner with its New TLC for LED® Lighting System

“Not only do we have this new, state-of-the-art LED lighting at the stadium, but we know we have a partner who has our back. After just five hours of usage, one of our poles was struck by lightning, causing major problems. Even though warranties don’t cover lightning strikes, Musco responded quickly with the necessary services and had us back up
and running.”

— Bob Campbell
McDonald County School District

As part of a facility upgrade at their football stadium and track, administrators at McDonald County High School wanted to include a new, state-of-the-art LED lighting system. With outdated HID lighting at the field, the school wanted a system that would increase light levels and quality, be reliable for decades to come, and include a warranty that would reduce operating costs for the county. After researching several options, the school’s project leaders knew that Musco had a reputation they could trust as an industry leader, superior technology with its TLC for LED® technology, and a level of service that wouldn’t be matched.

  • Visibility for players and fans at the football field and track is significantly improved with TLC for LED achieving an average of 50 footcandles on the field and track.
  • The school has a long-term partner it knows it can rely on, with the system’s installation taking place in a tight window of time and the Musco Team being very responsive to their needs.
  • The new LED lights will operate trouble free well into the future as a result of the total system engineering, with lighting, structural, and electrical components all designed and built to work together.
  • Energy consumption at the facility has been reduced 76 percent compared to the previous lighting, helping to cut the overall cost of ownership for the new system.
  • The school won’t have to pay maintenance costs through the year 2044, with Musco’s 25-year warranty that covers every part and all labor.
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