Design and Project Management Services

At Musco, we are devoted to providing customers a customized lighting solution, built to meet the unique needs of their facility. Our team of experts can help you plan your project from start to finish.

Lighting Design
Our team of certified lighting engineers will work with you to design a custom lighting solution to:
  • Reduce your facility’s energy use
  • Deliver superior working light by optimizing light aiming angles and reducing disruptive glare
  • Provide controlled light per specified light levels
  • Control off-site spill light and glare
  • Minimize the number of poles needed to light an area
  • Ensure structural requirements for poles and foundations
Installation Services and Project Management
Our network of more than 1,800 trained contractors and experienced project managers provide service and support throughout the installation process to:
  • Minimize disruption to on-going operations
  • Reduce installation costs and time
  • Ensure a trouble-free installation
  • Guide all aspects of installation from structural to electrical