Better Playability and Visibility

When you walk onto a field that features Musco’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ technology, it just looks better. Better for players, and better for spectators. TLC for LED with our patented BallTracker™ technology helps to create superior playability for all sports, where players enjoy a field view in higher definition and can track the entire flight of the ball like never before.
BallTracker™ Technology
Our BallTracker technology provides low-level, targeted light that’s emitted upward. This optimizes visibility of the ball in aerial sports by creating a higher contrast between the ball and the sky, TLC for LED’s ability to target more light down onto the field, and the elimination of glare from the player’s line of sight.
Why It Matters
TLC for LED with BallTracker is a comprehensive light management system that creates a quality of field lighting that can’t be matched. TLC for LED with BallTracker uses a fraction of the light that affects skyglow compared to typical HID or LED field lighting. Better for players, neighbors, and the night sky.
Playability Video
TLC for LED with BallTracker Video Video