Delano Municipal Baseball Park

Delano, Minnesota, USA

Delano Municipal Baseball Park

100-Year-Old Delano Municipal Baseball Park Upgrades to LED System While Preserving
Authentic Structures

“New LED lights take away all of the glare from the batter’s box, makes picking up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand easier during night games. From a city’s standpoint, they’re more economical to operate. The neighbors love the fact that there’s no glaring light leaking out into the neighborhoods.”

— Joe Schleper
Delano Park Board

100-year-old Delano Municipal Baseball Park is one of the oldest stadiums in Minnesota, is home to the amateur-level Delano A’s and several other local teams, and hosts an array of baseball tournaments each year. The venue consistently earns national awards and still presents an “old school” ambience with an immaculate field, mature trees, ivy-covered fences, and historic light towers lining the field’s perimeter. With recent upgrades to the stadium’s seating and concession areas, the decision was made to retrofit with LED lighting that could adapt to the existing architectural features to preserve the stadium’s historic authenticity. The City chose to partner with Musco and have its TLC for LED® technology installed.

  • Delano was able to preserve its towers and historic feel with Musco’s ability to design a customized retrofit system using the existing structures.
  • The field gains the necessary light levels and better uniformity as a result of photometric designs during the planning stages and factory aiming that’s accurate within one-tenth
    of a degree.
  • Players and fans can track the entire flight of the ball like never before due to the innovative BallTracker™ technology, which lights the underside of the ball and creates greater contrast against the night sky.
  • The City won’t pay for maintenance costs through the year 2043 as a result of Musco’s 25-year warranty covering every part and all labor.
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