Byron Center Middle School

Byron Center, Michigan, USA

Byron Center Middle School

Byron Center Completes Newly-Built West Athletic Complex with TLC for LED® System

“In adding a new soccer and tennis facility, lighting allowed for more flexible scheduling and more teams being able to use the facility into the later hours, especially in the fall and spring. Musco had what we were looking for and we have used Musco in the past, keeping consistency in our projects. We were very satisfied with the overall final product.”

— Scott Joseph
Byron Center High School

Byron Center Public School District recently built its West Athletic Complex just north of their middle school, a major first step in the district’s $68 million, three-year physical upgrade project. For the complex, the district wanted a lighting system that would deliver exceptional on-field visibility for students while minimizing glare from affecting nearby roads.
After developing a strong relationship and learning the benefits of the system, the School District turned to Musco and its Total Light Control—TLC for LED® system.

  • Student-athletes and spectators will enjoy superior visibility on the complex’s tennis courts and multi-sport turf fields which will be used for recreational and interscholastic competitions.
  • Nearby residents and drivers on 84th St. SW won’t be affected by glare with the system’s patented visoring technology designed around the LED fixtures.
  • The district enjoys 24/7 support from Control-Link Central™, with proactive monitoring, remote scheduling and controls, and a live voice on the other end of the phone anytime they call.
  • Maintenance costs have been eliminated through the year 2044 as a result of Musco’s long-term warranty that covers every part of the system and all labor.
  • Energy consumption at the complex has been reduced 77 percent, compared to if the district would have installed lighting that utilizes metal halide equipment.
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